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Do You Dare…

Take Control of a Rocket-Powered Sled in this Fun Retro Style Game?
Yes, it’s up to YOU to help Santa deliver all of the presents!
And it ain’t gonna be easy.
Control the rocket-powered sled flying above the houses.
Use your precision timing to drop the presents into the chimneys below.
But beware the reindeer!
They’ve been replaced and are extremely ticked off.
Now all they want to do is make life difficult for you.
Watching from the ground below they throw snowballs at the sled to knock you off course.

* Take Control of the High-Tech Sled

* Avoid the Snowballs

* Deliver All of the Presents

* 100% Pure Classic Christmas Gaming Fun!

We’re talking “old school” style gaming at its very best.

Play Santa’s Rocketing Christmas Drop now!