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Why I Am Not An Indie Game Developer      September 3rd, 2015

In this first article, I answer the question why I am not an IDG and am pretty detailed (and opinionated I suppose) in what I cover.


Which Gamers Matter When You Are Building A Game?      September 19th, 2015

I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking every gamer should like their game. Even worse, they ask people to play test their game and give them feedback never realizing if they apply that feedback they are likely destroying the chances of their game building a fan base.


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Are Exceptional Games The Key To A Successful Game Development Business?

I’ve noticed a lot of confusion in the Indie Game Developer community when it comes to making games and making money from making games. Although I am kind of burnt out on this obsession with making money I thought I’d write a few words to try to point people in the right direction. Are exceptional games (games that are fun, have excellent graphics, music and sound and so forth) the key to making money from your passion in game development? A lot of people believe this to be the case. How about you?


How Would I Create a Successful Game Development Business?

Based on all of the posts I have seen of people asking how to promote their games, how to get downloads, how to make money from their games it is obvious most people have no clue of how they can build a fan base around their games. I’ve seen people mentioning everything from graphics to original ideas to buying ads as being the “secret” ingredient. Until now, I have not revealed what I know to be the real secret. Ha ha! Well that sounds kind of lame like one of those Internet Marketing gurus or something. lol What I mean is that I know one way virtually guaranteed to lead to success based on my own personal experience. Until now on forums I participate in I have never come right out and described it although I have sure left plenty of clues. Of course, there are others who certainly know this as well. However, from what I have seen the vast majority do not.