This page will link to my articles on 2D Graphics. How to make them (programmer art), resources for quality 2D art and so forth.

The first thing I would like to share with you is my custom made 52-color palette.

No, it is not the 8-bit NES palette (although that is a good one).

I created this palette by analyzing dozens of screenshots of various arcades games from the 90s that had high quality graphics. First identifying common colors. Then tweaking certain colors by hand. Until finally, all of the arcade game screenshots could be mapped with good quality from their original palettes (256-color to even thousands of colors) down to only 52 colors.

You should be able to just right click and save this to your computer.

Gar's Custom 52-Color Palette


I use Pyxel Edit for most of my 2D graphics work. It has a great feature that loads a palette in from an existing image.

Here is simple scene I made using the GarsPalette32…

Pixel Art I created using my custom 52-color palette.